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puzzles  Let’s help you rewind, and get analytically sharp.

The IQ aspect too evolves through these:
-Casual Simple Ones | -Block Diagrams | -Riddles |-Series & Coding | -Basic Quantitative | -Non-Verbal Imagery  | -Lateral Thinking Posers | -Interview Time Quizzes


Let’s try hands on a few puzzles>>


Aesop tells how a father and son failing to ride their donkey in a way to please the public, finally decided to carry the beast.
They had not gone far, however, when they met the village schoolmaster, who explained that as the man was stronger than the boy, and the donkey weighed 220lbs., they should adjust the position of the weight so that the man should carry 125 pounds and the boy but 95.

Where should the weight be hung if the distance from shoulder to shoulder was four feet?