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You being in your 1st 2nd job, have sampled how much value a CV carries, were it to be shortlisted 80%  of the places you share it with. You may think of availing professional help that smartens your CV, permitting the coveted results.  There might be mistakes (like misspelling Career as Carrier, misspelling Business as Buisness), formatting errors (too much bold, too big font size, bad alignment etc) and grammar bloomers (instead of writing “Listening to music”, what is written is “listening music” etc). JobPhases comes to your rescue. It offers this service in which your CV is balanced and presented as a neat piece. Your projects etc are elegantly listed, and the needless rough part from your CV is deleted. On making payment for this service, you email your self made CV to us, and we revert back with the corrected version in maximum 48 hours. This also begins to set the tone and channel of how high you are going to rise in the corporate world.

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    Not only was my version debugged, it was given an entirely different look. – Sonia Aneja

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    I learnt how the CV needs to be made for professional growth. My earlier version was as made in college, and although it got me campus placement, it was student–like. – Sameer Pali

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    Not only well formatted, but substance-wise very superior resume. – Piyush Mehra

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