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This is a very powerful service from JobPhases. It isn’t a cosmetic change in a CV. It is a service that associates with you for 2 weeks to as long as 6 months. Herein, looking at your interest and targeted career, we help you define what CV would appeal to the board members. This involves thinking out what hobbies to quote, what job achievements and project assignments to emphasise. This CV definition builds a different YOU over the period – a persona that would impress and be really worthwhile for the target company. This is a tall order, for the target company may be a Fortune-500 company, with its high leadership talent benchmarks. On making payment for this service, you email your self made CV to us, and we revert back with a Mentor grasping your interest and career needs. Then starts a detailed process of settling for what all contents could be padded in your CV, with you having time long enough to genuinely justify the contents. This self-renewal/ updating/ upgrading is a fun and learning based journey.

This includes the Cover Letter service gratis.

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Key Features:

* Your DNA redefined
* Uniquely tailored to your interests
* Actually a Goal-Statement and not a mere CV
* Visually attractive, graceful & appropriate
* Allows you to impact panels forcefully

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    This was one helluva interaction, where I had to dive deep into my corporate DNA, and sculpt my future path. It entailed graphing my persona, my accomplishments, my aspirations. Nice feed. – Robin Patheja

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    Pretty analytc, and pragmatic seasoned advice I got. Some soul searching too I could do. Useful service. Keep it up. But you need to avail of it with humility, ego ain’t work here mate. – Alexa Rao

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    Oh, I’ve been meandering all over the world, completing umpteen assignments – and for my shot at CEOship of a near Fortune-500 firm needed meticulous planning. This had not only the need for packaging my credentials, it more importantly necessitated auditing my leadership and cross-functional competencies. I loved this interaction with senior mentors assigned to me. – Allen Stewwart

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