Cover Letter for CV (CV-205)

Cover Letter for CV_JP-CV-205

A Cover Letter to your CV ought to carry soul of your CV. It is a short teaser, that excites the reader about your profile. In fact, it can be a piece of art, that beautifully, and using the full force of narrational English, showcases your background, skills and motivation in applying for the next job. It can engage the recruiter better than any formatted CV attempts to. Can be used as the email advancing your CV. The subject line suggested for the email also carries punch. Your identity shines through, and attention can be solicited on high points of your profile.

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* Your Essential Value Proposition
* Your Prime Focus
* Sensibilities you possess are projected
* Your sophistication communicated beautifully
* Interest built in your CV

3 reviews for Cover Letter for CV (CV-205)

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    Happy to get this cover letter/ email.

    My shortlisting has been complete cent per cent. – Gunjan Shreya

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    It was on impulse I signed for this – must say the cover letter was damn good. Went for full CV overhaul then. – Vikas Gautam

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    I realized the importance of such an innocuous thing like the Subject Line of an email. Frankly, that is where the CV gets shortlisted/ rejected first of all. – Sonali Bhalla

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