35 Mentor Walk Sessions (MW-158)

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You’re engaged in a project or some crucial examination like SAT-GRE-GMAT-CAT, and are looking for mentoring that results in a near perfect score. We offer the same, provided you too are willing to slog it out. It is a swell journey, wherein you get acquainted with insights about scoring high, while laying a sound foundation on subject matter. This includes full scope of the exam, all Quantitative & Verbal.

You are taken through Conditioning Phase, Knowledge Areas and Rigorous Testing.

We have helped more than 3000 aspirants reach US – your faculty would’ve credentials like 770 GMAT and 2290 (on 2400) GRE. Have helped SAT students crack 800 on Reading when a month back they were stuck at 660. Transformational ability is the strength we possess.

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Key Features:

* Get clarity
* Pragmatic advice
* Schema well Organized
* Doubts Cracked
* Viva Voce
* More confidence
* Visualise possible scenarios

6 reviews for 35 Mentor Walk Sessions (MW-158)

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    This is indeed the best training, globally, and I mean globally, for GMAT. I am a US citizen, and had access to Kaplan study material. But it is one thing to have access, and another to be able to solve problems oneself, with time pressure. My mentors inculcated in me the right approach towards the problems on all areas: PS, DS, RC, WA, CR. I am grateful to God for blessing me with a score of 740. – Minisha Mehra

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    The most comprehensive coaching for CAT. Online sessions were the best as I had lots of time put in office. One thing I realized was the usual 2 classes a week are not enough. One has to study everyday and have at least 3-4 sessions a week, even if they’re short. This bulds true base. Happy to score 99.4 percentile. – Tanmay Ahuja

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    Oh God, I am so happy to be at IIMB. A 99.8 percentile, my my. That too when i got creeps on Math. My mentors laid a solid solid base. We in fact began with NCERT 5th grade problems, and learnt to do 4-5 such problems in a minute. Then we moved to grade 6th. Novel approach, but it worked for me. Gratitude JobPhases. – Karuna Niyogi

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    The mentoring I got was mind blowing. They took my IIT-Mains score to 283. Wow. All Physics, Chemistry and Math were turned rock solid. This began with first seeding in me confidence that YES, I could do it – something I never believed, having scored 4 B’s in 10th grade. Then I learnt it was not rote, but careful confident thinking that solves a problem. I became a logical person. – Nutan Vohra

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    My friend and myself took SAT tuitions – online skype was how we received the lessons. He got 2240 and myself 2310. Both elated like anything. But one thing I’d definitely say, JobPhases mentors make you work intelligently. – Sumit Meet

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    A 326 in GRE. Wow! Especially when my verbal was weak, Quantitative I could still handle being from engineering background. Their vocab stories were simply out of the world. – Talib Talseem

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