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Zen-sations and Micro HR

Learn to have meaningful Conversations - let us call them Zensations.These reveal and empower, they detox, they inspire and uplift.And these ought to be between every pair of staff, a disrespecter of class struggles. Further, processes as employed by F-500 and large MNCs need to be studied and applied even in small and medium extrepreneurial bodies. Then alone excellence shall result. Then alone w

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The Beauty of Mocks

Almost all the thespians you appreciate, are perfectionists – they rehearse so much, that at times the final shot that is canned is the one that is the 73rd Take (in movie making parlance). For a live 3 hour performance, Pt Ravi Shanker used to practice on his sitar for consecutive 6-8 such 3 hour sorties; the undrelying condition being NOT a single note had to go wrong on those sorties. Natural

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Watch Him/ Them

You should never succumb to a feudal world and its practices. Traditionally, all interview panels are used to “lording” over the candidate, playing with him like a cat might paw a mouse. Change this. Learn to ask reverse questions – after all you are also pledging time and career and aspirations. Ask probing questions, albeit tactfully and with respect. And as the interview progresses, vo

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Can I Be a CEO One Day

Well, you are the Captain of the ship of your life, already. Visualise about tomorrow, and see yourself as a CEO of a large entity. Break this Giga Goal into smaller goals, and go passionately for these smaller step-goals. What one man/ woman can do, another can not only do, but do better.

It is a good starting point to buy and read biographies/ autobiographies of other CEOs/ Professional M

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What is not Explicit

Everything that happens at the interview table isn't spelled out explicitly. Lots of stuff, signals, dynamics, innuendos, interpretations happen underneath the visible. The undercurrents can be unemphasised or overt - but they are there. This is how grown-up humans handle life and professional situations. Nothing out of the ordinary in this - remember,  just as the interviewers want to take t

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