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Mock Interviews Package

Do you think you would be better prepared if industry professionals conduct your mock interviews and then share their insightful feedback ? To the left we’ve TWO samples. Do you think you would be better prepared if industry professionals conduct your mock interviews and then share their insightful feedback ? To the left we’ve TWO samples. Try

The Powerful Interview-Discussion Metrics

We share with you the Powerful 5 Quotients Metrics, that is employed by all leading corporate as an Interview Assessment Framework

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JobPhases believes in Action. In Doing. That's how you learn, and get groomed into a High Voltage Candidate. Highest order of empirically gained insights form the cerebral base of all actioneering. With our 200+ man-years of country's and globally recognized mentors behind you, you're bound to SUCCEED. Listen to these absolutely satisfied voices:

Latest from Blog

A third of women say men are offered more opportunities at work

One in three (31%) working women in the UK believe men are offered greater opportunities at work, according to research by professional services recruitment firm Badenoch & Clark.
When asked why they believed this to be the case, more than half (57%) of the 1,000 professional women surveyed blamed unconscious bias in the recruitment and promotion process.
The private sector appears to have more of a gender bias issue than the public sector. One in five (20%) women in the private sector said they had been passed over for promotion because of their gender, compared to 8% of women in the public sector.
However, the private sector invests more in leadership development and training for women than the public sector. More than half (58%) of women in the private sector said their organisation had specific leadership training for women, compared to 48% in the public sector.
Badenoch & Clark managing director Nicola Linkleter said that while it is “fantastic” so many employers are “proactively trying to develop their female talent”, the “outcomes” of such programmes needed to be carefully examined.
“Are these programmes leading to more women in senior positions? If not, we need to interrogate why they are not working and do things differently,” she said.

Zen-sations and Micro HR

Learn to have meaningful Conversations – let us call them Zensations.These reveal and empower, they detox, they inspire and uplift.And these ought to be between every pair of staff, a disrespecter of class struggles.
Further, processes as employed by F-500 and large MNCs need to be studied and applied even in small and medium extrepreneurial bodies. Then alone excellence shall result. Then alone would efficiencies arise. And then alone would competencies and competitiveness shine through.

The Beauty of Mocks

Almost all the thespians you appreciate, are perfectionists – they rehearse so much, that at times the final shot that is canned is the one that is the 73rd Take (in movie making parlance). For a live 3 hour performance, Pt Ravi Shanker used to practice on his sitar for consecutive 6-8 such 3 hour sorties; the undrelying condition being NOT a single note had to go wrong on those sorties. Naturally, there was perfection in the ‘real’ performance.

So, if you are going for an interview, try to arrange a few Mocks. These clean your act, empower you, make your though fluid – validate your assumptions, or prompt you to improvise a few responses. Your thinking gets clearer.

Don’t overdo, lest the spontaneity is lost.

In a similar vein, one technique that truly helps is:

Ask yourself 5 questions, and answer them yourself.

This is indeed a great rehearsal.

Watching a videography of your mock reveals a thousand learnings. Watch these 2-3 tiimes at least.

And don’t forget to take a copy with you when you legit paper writing services go to your chosen site.

Summer Projects

We facilitate Summer Projects with best of companies. You can take guidance even if you’ve fixed up the internship yourself. A few projects in recent past:

  • A Foray Into Intrad-Day Prices as related to Global Indices and Macroeceonomy.
  • Programming Multiple Mobile Screens in Multi-player Mobil Games.
  • Performance Analysis in P&G vis-a-vis Other FMCG companies.
  • Merger Possibility Scenario between Dabur and Marico

Live Projects

We bring in interesting Live Projects for MBA, BTech, LLB, MassCom, MCom, MA – English/ Psychology/ Economics et al. Apply for these OPEN projects:

  • Restructuring Finance. Begins Oct 2015. Bengaluroo.
  • A White Paper on Judiciary-Executive Relationship. Conclude before Mar 29, 2015.
  • Online Mapping of eCommerce Portals. Begins April, 2015.
  • Preparing an India Entry Marketing Campaign for An Australian Wine Brand. Begins Aug 2015.